South America is a continent of know endings. The world largest river is found in South America. (The Amazon) Most of the travellers are interested in visiting the river during their South America tours with their kids. The driest place in the world is also found in South America (the Atacama Desert).

Division of South America into three physical regions

During one of my South America tours with my kids, I read some history books which made me realize that the continent is divided into 3 regions namely mountains and Highlands, river basins, and coastal plains. In the north-south direction, mountains and coastal plains are well known. While in the east-west side, highlands and river basins are found.

Mountains and Highlands: Here, we have the major mountain system called “the Andes” it is also the world’s longest mountain. Some set of groups do visit there for mountain climbing during their South America tours. It extremely covers about 8,850 kilometers (5,500 miles). Located on the western edge of the beautiful continent, more so, the Andes Mountain stretches from the tip of the south to the northern part of South America.

River basins: In some part of South America, we can locate The Amazon River basin. It consists an approximately area of 2.7million square miles which definitely makes this watershed thelargest in the world presently, during one of my South America tours, I managed to visit the basin. It was as beautiful as you can imagine.

Coastal Plains: this area in the part of South America is low, flat and next to seacoast. These coastal plains are seen in Brazil (Northeastern part), on the Atlantic Ocean. And also Pacific coast of Chile and Peru (western part) Brazil has a total dryness.


This is brief history that is important to know before going on different South America tours with your family. It will help you to realize the locations and places you want to visit without having much stress.

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