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Tips To Select A Reputed Suzuki Dealer

Suzuki motorcycles are one of the most popular and reputed brands. Suzuki has motorcycles in different models to suit the requirements of different bikers. The motorcycles of this brand offer great fuel efficiency and safety and hence are highly in demand.

More and more bikers are constantly searching for authorized Suzuki dealers in the UK, to purchase their bike. Here are some tips to help you find the right Suzuki dealer.

  1. Ask for references. Speak to your friends, colleagues and family members, who have recently purchased a motorcycle. This is the safest method of getting details about reputed and professional Suzuki dealers in the UK, who sell your preferred model of Suzuki motorcycles. Asking references helps you to get first-hand account of the services at the dealership.
  2. The dealer should have all the required permissions and licenses to carry on the business. He must be an authorized dealer of the company and should have proof of being so.
  3. Always prefer to buy from Suzuki dealers in the UK, who have stock of a number of vehicles. You can inspect the vehicles and know the features of different models before making the purchase.
  4. Visit the websites of the Suzuki dealers in the UK to know about the different types of bikes sold by them and other value added services provided by them. The website is also the best source to read the customer feedback and testimonials.
  5. The salesperson and other staff at the dealers’ showroom should be highly professional and friendly with the clients. They must be willing to show you around the showroom and tell about the different models and their features. They should take your riding experience, style and personality into consideration and advise a particular model to suit your preferences.
  6. The dealer should provide warranties on motorcycles and should be willing to provide regular servicing. The dealer should be willing to replace any worn out or damaged parts with the company authorized original spare parts.
  7. Buy your Suzuki motorcycle from reputed dealers in the UK, who offer easy financing options. Some reputed dealers also provide financing and insurance at a low additional cost.

Check the list of previous clients of the Suzuki dealers in the UK and speak to a few of the clients to know about the quality of service of the dealer. Always select a professional, experienced and reputed dealer, who is willing to stand on his commitments and offer good, after sales service to the clients.

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Jetsons-Style Flying Cars And Motorbikes For UAE’s Future

A full range of road bikes is available through Kawasaki dealers including a variety of demonstrator bikes. The sleek riding 2-wheeled vehicles are designed to ensure maximum comfort and safety as well as engine performance. The technologically advanced machine is the perfect choice for both riders in the city streets or the racing circuit.

However, a different kind of motorbike technology is being tested in the UAE. It was revealed that the government of Abu Dhabi is in talks regarding the incorporation of flying motorcycles in their fleet composed of police vehicles. The flying motorcycles which are currently under preliminary testing stage were developed by Skolkovo, a Russian tech innovator.

Inclusion of the flying motorcycle for Abu Dhabi police is a sign that the United Arab Emirates is serious in their goal of becoming a global leader in personal air vehicles. A personal air vehicle is defined as a compact transportation device that individuals or small groups can manage to operate intuitively and safely in the air. The Jetsons-style for the future is already underway in the UAE.

Another type of vehicle that the emirate in Dubai is testing is flying drone taxi known for its brand name Volocopter. There are hopes that the full system will make a successful start in five years. Earlier in the year, trial runs were conducted by the emirate in partnership with Dubai Civil Aviation Authority on a different model of “autonomous aerial vehicle.”

The United Arab Emirates which is closely becoming a nation of skyscrapers has to connect its long desert highways so that they are pursuing different aerial transportation alternatives. Flying police vehicles will be able to easily reach the skyscrapers during emergencies. Fire fighters do not have cranes that can reach the higher floors of skyscrapers when there is a fire.

One of the best selling motorbikes from Kawasaki dealers is Kawasaki Ninja 300 that looks like a full blown sports bike but more manageable for the less experienced riders. For pure power, the best option is Kawasaki 1400 GTR that is a class on its own and boasts of engineering excellence, great features and unbeatable performance.

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