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Tempered Glass: From Screen Protectors To Shower Screen Enclosures

If you will look closely at some advertisements, you will find tempered glass as a feature in the specifications of screen protectors. iPhone 7 has a tempered glass screen protector for complete protection against scratches. Oleophobic coating layer adds more strength to counteract the impact of scratch.

Due to its strength tempered glass is used for frameless shower enclosures and doors, microwave ovens, computer screens, car windows and coffee machines. Recently, tempered glass has become a popular material for building structures and pools. You will often see balustrades and pool enclosures made from tempered glass for safety reasons. However, the most popular application of tempered glass nowadays is for the protection of your Smartphone.

How tempered glass differs from your ordinary screen protector

  1. Tempered glass has undergone the process of heating and quenching which make it 4 times stronger than normal glass. Tempered glass is used in high end Smartphone because it ensures that the gadget will not be damaged by exposure to high temperatures.
  2. Tempered glass is resistant to scratches and damages. For example, MoboZx is claimed to be the world’s thinnest screen protector at 0.02 thickness. It is manufactured from premium tempered glass that helps it survive from shock and scratches.
  3. Tempered glass is smoother and clearer. The XUZOU tempered glass screen protector delivers up to 99.9% clarity to make viewing highly comfortable. It offers the user the best experience with his gadget.
  4. Tempered glass comes with a higher price tag that is why it is normally found in high end phones like iPhones. However, gadgets with tempered glass have got the quality that easily surpasses the competitors. High quality makes a gadget last longer. The screen also becomes more receptive to touch to provide the user with a better experience.

The technology of tempered glass is also used in other applications, the most popular of which is frameless shower screens which are the new trend because they make a bathroom look sophisticated and elegant. Modern glass manufacturing techniques have created frameless glass that has superior strength and structural integrity. You can contact us today for a free quote that will provide you an idea on the frameless shower price.

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3 Ideas In Choosing Supplier For Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump is widely applied in various industrial setting such as in factories, food processing and manufacturing set up. Because of its high demand in different industries, you can find numerous suppliers of vacuum pumps from online and offline sources. If you are looking for a supplier for vacuum pumps, compressors and other industrial equipment, find a reliable supplier and you can never go wrong with your purchase. You can even get discounts if you do a good search. Here are some ideas to find a good supplier.

Offers genuine products

When looking for a supplier for vacuum pumps and other equipment, always look at the type of products offered by the supplier. It is acceptable if the supplier offers lower quality products as option so long as the supplier provides accurate information about the product. If you want high quality vacuum pump, get it from a supplier that guarantees product authenticity including the spare parts that are available in their shop. Use genuine products and spare parts to avoid issues with the equipment. It will also guarantee better performance and longer use of the equipment.

Offers spare parts and services

You should also search for a supplier that offers spare parts and has qualified technicians to assist you with issues related to your equipment. Find a supplier that has expertise in maintenance check, repair, service maintenance contract, engineer and technical consultancy and other related services that you could possibly need for your heavy duty equipment and units. When you can have all your needed supplies and services in one roof, the process of maintaining these units become convenient and hassle-free.

Affordable products  

Aside from the availability of high quality products such as a vacuum pump, the supplier should also be able to offer its products at a competitive price. Check on other suppliers in your area and on the internet and compare prices. You can also ask for cost quotes including product information from the supplier to help you determine which of the suppliers can offer more for the value of your money.

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Samsung Introduces Bixby Agent Virtual Assistant

Voice-powered virtual assistant has long been available in some phones but not for Samsung phones. Recently, Samsung has introduced “Bixby Agent” a virtual assistant that is significantly different from everything that is available. According to Samsung’s blog post, Bixby will be available alongside Galaxy 8 and all its features will be presented in detail.

According to Samsung, Bixby is different because once it is supported by an app; the intelligent companion will virtually support all the apps functions and features. Cortana, Siri and Google Assistant generally offer a limited subset to the full features provided by the app. Eventually, Bixby will completely replace text or touch-based input.

Bixby will also be aware with what the user is doing on the device when virtual assistant is called. This will allow Bixby to understand exactly what the user is doing with the app so that it can take over the workflow at whatever point the user decides to leave. This function is fundamentally different from what the competitors are offering in their virtual assistant products.

Bixby has also been designed to be more flexible in their acceptance of voice commands. This means you do not have to memorize a specific order like you do with Alexa. Bixby will not just give up, it will route you elsewhere until it can configure what the user wants to do.

According to Samsung, part of its approach to Bixby is to reduce friction to a point where it actually added a dedicated button on Galaxy 8 so that the virtual assistant can be called through a physical click. Apple and Google also have the shortcuts but they can only be activated through long-press actions. Samsung will be the first to introduce a dedicated key for virtual assistant. Eventually, Bixby will be featured in air conditioners, TV’s and other appliances.

There is flexible conduit in Thailand that has been developed through the most professional manufacturing processes to ensure consistent quality. Flexible conduits that are produced from high grade steel are designed with outstanding durability and flexibility for use in wiring processes in dry places. For damp places, the liquid-tight flexible conduit is the best option for wiring needs.

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Boost Your Signal Through Mobile Phone Signal Booster

Several years ago, an individual will be happy with a good phone signal but today, it is absolutely essential. People cannot just switch to the landline if the mobile phone does not have a signal because nobody wants to pay for two services. In rural areas where mobile phone signal is very weak, it common to experience dropped calls, messages that do not send, no bars and frustrating lack of service. Here are some tips to boost your mobile phone signal.

  1. There is a device that is called mobile phone signal booster or repeater. It works by amplifying and repeating signals. There are many variations of the booster and can easily be accessed through Wal-Mart, Best Buy and online stores. However, make sure you are buying a device that will provide the coverage that you need.
  2. Some service providers may lend you a mobile phone signal booster for free or a small deposit. For example, T-Mobile offers its customers the 4G LTE Signal Booster if you are having problems with weak signal. T-Mobile knows that signal strength is an issue with consumers and they do not want you to transfer to another service provider because of the issue when it can simply be solved through a mobile phone signal booster.
  3. If you have Wi-Fi at home, it is handy for making calls if your mobile phone is Wi-Fi enabled. You will notice the difference and you can seamlessly switch from the cellular network to the Wi-Fi network.
  4. Some makes and models of mobile phones allow the installation of an external antenna to boost signal. However, this is an inconvenient solution because it does not look too good with a high-end mobile phone. It is only an option if you are going camping or fishing to an area where the signal is very weak.

It seems unreal how a small device can strengthen the signal of your mobile phone but it is certainly possible. You can purchase a mobile phone signal booster through and gain a stable mobile coverage. You will find a range of signal booster models that work perfectly with different carriers.



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How To Improve Your Gadget Marketing

Marketing your own products and services is never easy. From the way your product looks, pricing, promotion, and placement, you have to be creative in order to attract your possible customers. A market is a competitive place with lots of vendors of the same product as you so it is necessary that your product would be unique as well as promotional.

One of the most competitive products to market nowadays are gadgets. Technology has become a permanent fixture in our life and every day, new products are being introduced to the market in order to fulfill the goal of making life easier. With the emergence of new technologies, there are more ways in which you are able to learn more about your target customers, improve your marketing and even promote your products using your knowledge of the needs of your customers.

There are different ways to promote your products. Whether you are thinking of promoting in the actual market or online, you have to be creative and unique in order to attract as well as help differentiate your product with the others in the market. In promoting your products such as gadgets and other technological equipment, here are some tips that can improve your marketing strategies.

Have a solid and creative plan. When you market your product, you have to start somewhere. Have a solid plan. You have to know where you are and the steps that you need to do while making your product’s name known.

Know Your Target Customers and Give Hints. Give hints on the applications, specifications, and unique characteristics of the gadget. People are usually persuaded to buy your product when they can see the use of the product in their everyday life.

Learn about Social Media and other Promotional Avenues. Online promotion would be a good avenue to promote your product seeing as more people are into social media nowadays. Gadgets such as cell phones and computers are just a few of the most common items that people use every day. With these gadgets being utilized and used in their everyday activities, more people will take notice of your product.

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The Fundamental Changes In Consumer Perception Of Tech Gadgets

There is a lot of hype nowadays for the latest tech gadgets including traditional PC and TV products that can be used and displayed in cars and smart homes. However, what seem more significant are not the advances in technology but the fundamental changes in target audience. The success of a tech product displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) does not depend on the technology inside but how to engage consumers to experience the new technology in their lifestyle.

The most fundamental foundation of omnichannel is the consumer. Consumers are now in charge which makes it important to research their buying habits and where they prefer to shop. Consumers nowadays shop with their phones and compare prices on items, anywhere, anytime. Gone are the days where retailers can simply add the latest tech gadgets into their display because consumers can conveniently buy the tech gadget online.

Even businesses are now turning to Amazon and Alibaba. What consumers are looking for is the best experience and assistance in buying the tech gadget that is right for them. Consumers also look at the support they can gain after purchasing the latest technology. Consumers want hands on experience with tech gadgets to understand how they work and whether they can live with it on a daily basis.

More than 80% of consumers literally start with their journey online. When a new tech gadget is launched in the market, consumers read tech reviews and consumer reviews in Amazon. Consumers browse statistics and its impact on the success of the tech product in retail.

Based on statistics, at least 90% of Amazon shoppers will not purchase a tech product that has less than 3-star rating. Consumers are no longer satisfied by looking at images and specs online; they want relevant content on how a tech product will be used and how it will fit with their lifestyle.

One of the most important contractors you will need for the business is Commercial Electrician in Perth who will make sure that your electrical system works safely. The commercial electrician will furnish your business with wiring, circuits, outlets and other equipment so that you can safely run your tech gadgets.

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How To Choose Distributor of LED Strip Lighting In Australia

If you are in need of led strip lighting in Australia, one thing is for sure; you will not have a hard time finding a distributor for the product. Finding a supplier and service provider of led strip lights is not the challenge but identifying which of these suppliers are worthy of your trust. Here are some tips that would guide you towards finding the right manufacturer.

Can manufacture and customize products

Forget about mere distributors because you can be sure that the price is already jacked up. Instead, purchase your needed led strip lighting in Australia from a manufacturer that would not only produce your required led strip lights, they can also customize the product to tailor it to your exact requirement. There are several manufacturers online and even in your area but always look for a product provider that will deliver the right product for you.

Have expert support technicians

You should also choose a manufacturer that employs qualified technicians who can install your ordered led strip lights and at the same time, provide professional advice for you. Find a manufacturer of LED lighting system that can install and provide lights not just for commercial and architectural applications, but also in film and television, signage, theatrical requirement and corporate lighting needs. A reputable company for led strip lights can offer a wide variety of services for different applications whether among local or international customers. A good technician by a led strip lighting company can provide information on the type of led light suitable to your needs.

Affordable products and services

Avoid buying led strip lighting in Australia from a company that offers the products and their services at a ridiculously low price. To know the average selling price among manufacturers and distributors, visit different websites of suppliers of led strip lights for comparison purposes. Purchase from a manufacture that offers their products at reasonable price. Expensive items do not necessarily mean they are of high quality and the same goes that cheap products don’t mean they are substandard. The point is, learn how to investigate.

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