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Last-Minute Gifts This Christmas

Last-Minute Gifts This ChristmasSome people are just busier than most and can’t have the time to go around Christmas shopping – good thing there is online shopping and next day delivery. If you are one of those people who haven’t started on their Christmas shopping list then this list of gadgets anyone can buy at the last-minute is the perfect solution.

  1. Tesco Hudl2. This powerful tablet is well-built and powered by Android. The price is affordable and the specs are great. The touchscreen is 8.3 inches and the processor is strong enough to keep up with the speed. The battery life can lasts for 8 hours. There also different colors to choose from. The good news is you can order the Tesco Hudl2 online.
  2. Bose QC25 Headphones. The latest headphone from Bose is the QC25 with a noise cancelling feature that is perfect for any public music or movie session. This is the best headphone there is from Bose and, not only that, it is very comfortable to use. You can have this the next day if you order now online.
  3. Anki Drive. The Anki Drive has a starter kit which includes a race track, two cars and a set of chargers. This model car racing on track is lots of fun to play with. This revolutionized started kit is equipped with artificial intelligence that will mimic how you drive. Anyone can control this using an Apple or Android smartphone.
  4. Amazon Fire TV. This little box can give you access to thousands of movies and TV series. The remote control can be controlled using voice commands. It also boasts a careful buffering feature for those who hate to wait for their video to load.
  5. Sony HX60V Camera. This camera is small in size yet very powerful – perfect for taking pictures this holiday season. The HX60V has a 20.4 megapixel and can be zoomed up to 30x. You can also share your photos to your smartphone with just one tap.
  6. Jawbone UP24. This fitness tracker is perfect after the holidays. What with all the holiday feasts and sweets, anyone who is health conscious will thank you for giving them this. It is not your ordinary fitness tracker. The wearer can put it on before sleeping and the tracker will be able to track how many hours they have slept and it will wake them up after they got enough sleep.
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Traditional Gadgets That Will Soon Be Extinct

Traditional Gadgets That Will Soon Be Extinct

A lot of electronic devices have been introduced in the market at some point or another but most if not all of them has fallen victims to the phenomenal smartphones. With one little device that can do a myriad of different tasks who needs to carry along a dozen of little objects when one smartphone can reasonably do all its functions? However, there is still a long list of tech items that people can’t just do without whether it is socially or technologically outdated.

Traditional gadgets that just won’t die

  • Paper maps – provided a lot of benefits to our ancestors but since the smartphones, these traditional maps were replaced by Google maps that provides directions and satellite imagery of many countries. Smartphones with the global positioning system (GPS) calculates your best route effectively through signals from satellites.
  • Alarm clocks – smartphones easily duplicate the function of alarm clocks with better sound quality. The smartphone does not start blinking when power is off and neither does it need a 9-volt battery backup.
  • Personal digital assistant – or palmtop computer was cutting edge technology years ago but its time is nearly over. The only exception would be those who work at warehouses where inventory has to be tracked and data collected to manage products.
  • Dial-up internet – is still available in some areas where broadband is limited. However, broadband connection allows you to stream video and audio into your HDTV and your computer. However, 4G LTE has arrived and while it is not a replacement for broadband, it helps solve the internet crisis in rural communities.
  • Pagers – used to be an indispensable device for people who always want to be connected. There was a time when doctors and lawyers used pagers to imply the importance of their professions. Today, like everyone else, doctors and lawyers carry smartphones that provide better communication functions.
  • Pocket sized cameras – used to be the trend but like all other gadgets, they have fallen victims to smartphones. The iPhone6 is an example of a phone with an extremely fast autofocus and dual-LED flash Samsung Galaxy S5 has the 16-megapixel sensor and 0.3 second autofocus time.

If you still have these gadgets, keep them before they become extinct. At least you will have something to show your kids about past technology.

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Technology Gadgets – Best Gifts For Christmas 2014

Technology Gadgets – Best Gifts For Christmas 2014Christmas is almost here but many shoppers are not yet done with their online shopping. They still have to think of gifts that will be appreciated and treasured by the recipient. However, picking out that perfect gift is not difficult because technology has provided gadgets that will put a smile on the face of the recipient. On the other hand, you can buy wearables like Little Pony Pajamas or Little Pony Clothes for children who do not appreciate gadgets. It may be a while yet before they will be happy with phones and tablet computers.

The top picks for Christmas 2014


  • The LG G3 is the only device with all back-facing buttons and the finest camera in the growing list of mobile phones. Aside from its fine display at 2K strong, you’ve got one of the finest Android devices introduced in 2014.
  • Apple has released its newest mobile phones and any recipient will be overwhelmingly delighted with the latest iPhone6 or iPhone6 Plus.
  • Sony’s Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3v are waterproof Android phones that will provide an ultimate experience.
  • Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is the closest competitor of iPhone6 Plus and it is one of the most refined mobile phone that has been introduced by Samsung.
  • Moto X 2014 version is a Motorola flagship model that is available in a custom-made material like wood.
  • Nokia Lumia Icon is a good choice if your recipient is not too keen on Apple or Samsung. Nokia Lumia Icon is the finest Windows Smartphone in the market.

If you prefer to more affordable gifts, you may want to consider Lumia 530 or Moto G but with a slight boost in price and specs. In many instances, it is not price that matters but the thought of giving.


If you’ve got the money to splurge in a gift, iPad Air2 is the finest tablet produced by Apple which is enhanced by the Touch ID sensor. If somebody in the family is an avid fan of reading, Kindle Voyage is an ideal gift. Surface Pro3 is a Microsoft-made Windows tablet but if you’ve got a Lenovo fan, you can opt for Lenovo ThinkPad 10.

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