A mobile friendly website is very important for hotels like Bangkok hotel near Embassy because more and more people are using their mobile phones to search for accommodations. It is amazing why many hotel websites are not yet optimized for mobile because they assume that travellers will use their desktop computer or laptop to book accommodations.

Many people are dependent on their mobile phones and laptops but after 3 years, they find out their gadgets have slowed down. The slowdown of the gadget is due to several contributing factors. A rare exception is Apple’s battery slowdown. The problem of slowdown varies among devices even among those with the same make and model. In some cases, the problem can be alleviated by a complete reset but it will not completely solve the speed issue.

Whenever Apple, Microsoft or Google announces a new OS update, it usually includes new apps and features that are more powerful but they often overlook the older and less efficient codes. As a result, the laptop or mobile phone has to work harder to get the desired results.

The same scenario happens with third party apps when developers update the code to enjoy the advantages of new hardware and additional features. Your phone or laptop’s hardware remains unchanged even if there is an extra instant messaging component or a new AR filter. It is no longer surprising why the gadget has slowed down because of the demands placed on it.

The latest smart phones and laptops have better hardware capabilities which developers are taking advantage of by introducing more advanced features. Optimizing the code is ok if the gadget was purchased within the last 12 months because older devices tend to struggle with code changes. The more apps you download to your device, the more room you take which cannot be handled by the system resources.

When you book directly through the website of Bangkok hotel near Embassy, you will enjoy more benefits and perks. However, with or without the extra perks, you will still enjoy the facilities that will satisfy every need and convenience. There is a private area for internet use, a luxurious spa where you can relax and fitness centre for your workout programme.

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