We are at an age wherein we have already realized the importance of technology in our daily lives. In fact, the government from the local to the federal level is using technology in order to make the lives of the citizens better. Government processes are now mostly automated, for instance when you get an EIN in Washington, and Internet of things has been applied in various ways to improve the cities. What are the latest technologies used by the government?

  • Cities are now interconnected with the help of IoT. It is now easier to collect information and data because of sensors equipped in vehicles, the cameras installed in the roads and the presence of street lights. IoT is employed by utility companies in smart meters in order to conserve energy and it is also found in road sensors to gather information regarding traffic patterns.
  • Governments have now realized the importance of automation. Previously, organizations tend to follow the 80/20 rule when budgeting. The 80 per cent is intended for operation while only 20 per cent is allocation to innovation. Upon realizing its benefit, governments now make use of chat bots and artificial intelligence. Social services now use automation in their call centers and even the Office of Science and Technology in the White House is studying more about AI and its implementation in the law enforcement.
  • One of the biggest enemies of the present governments is cyber attack. This is why more efforts are dedicated into securing the data of the citizens and even infrastructure. It is now a priority to secure and protect the information stored online because a large percentage of the citizens are now connected to the cloud.
  • Better mobility is on the top of the list of the government because it is expected that 70 per cent of the workforce within the United States are going to be mobile when 2020 comes. This means that they should be able to access government services wherever they are. Individuals and businesses must be able to get an EIN in Washington through developing a process that is more convenient and can be accomplished online wherever they are.

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