Images and even Personalised Word Art are generally printedon special photo printing paper. However, if you want to have the modern way, print the word art on canvas. You can even do it online for a more convenient processing of the project. More people are choosing canvas prints due to its guaranteed longevity and aesthetics. With or without frame, the word art will look trendy and fashionable making your area more appealing. Processing word art is easy and you can do it with just three simple steps. Here are they are.

Step 1. Create word art or pick from stock images

There are two ways you can start creating a word art. It’s either you generate one using your preferred quotes, words or name or you can choose from the stock images at the art shop’s website. You can also search online for inspiration and style. You can use your favourite poem or song or put in your own words to further personalise the project.

Step 2. Apply your preferences

After uploading or generating word art, you will be directed to the next page where you can apply preferences such as your preferred size, design, layout, style and the number of pieces for your orders. You can find options to print the canvas in standard size or you can customize it based on your required size. You also get to choose among the framing options or you can also to have it without frame for a more trendy appeal. You can also choose between stretched and rolled canvas including designs such as have the word art in black and white, sepia, vintage and others. Another option to consider for your Personalised Word Art its wrapping. Look for an art shop that offers customization so that if the available options do not suit your taste, you can just call the art shop or send them an email and see how they can deliver the ideas you have in mind.

Step 3. Finalize and submit

Before you click submit, review your Personalised Word Art then click the “submit your order” button if you are satisfied with it.

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