There are different kinds of corporate merchandise that you can give away to your prospects. But no matter what item you hand out, make sure that it will create an impact on the recipient and will take your customers closer to your brand. The promo merchandise becomes your business representative so make sure to use promo items that will have a positive impression among your targets.  Giving away promo items may sound like spending your advertising budget but you don’t have to worry because there are ways to keep your expenses low. One is to choose quality over quantity. This way, not only will you lessen your expenses, you can be surer that the items will be utilized and appreciated by your recipients. Here are some other tips.

Search from different suppliers

Before you decide on purchasing items from a particular supplier, visit the websites of different suppliers. No matter how attractive the promos and deals are, always check from other suppliers to get better options. Avoid cheap promo items because the quality might be compromised. Instead, look for products that are offered at reasonable price. To lower the costs, click the deals or promo tabs to find affordable items that will delight your recipients.

Ask for sample items

Another way to save your budget on corporate merchandise is by asking for sample items from different suppliers. This will help you with your decision making especially that you can personally check on the items instead of relying on the images found on websites. Take a closer look on the printing or embroidery of the logos and be particular with the colours and quality of the materials used. Be sure to choose a supplier that can customize their products and can effectively highlight your promo items with excellent printing.

Consider bulk orders

You can also save money for your corporate merchandise by going for bulk orders instead of buying a piece or in lower quantity. This way, you can easily negotiate for bigger discounts especially if you are going to purchase regularly from the supplier. Search for a supplier that offers free shipping or delivery to lower your promotional costs further.

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