Sukhumvit is the cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Bangkok. The locality is brimming with high-end restaurants, shopping malls and commercial centres. The area is also home to some of the best luxury hotels in Bangkok. Sukhumvit is the preferred neighbourhood to book your hotel, if you want a luxury holiday in the most happening part of the city.

If you are visiting Thailand for the first time and want to stay in the most happening part of the city, close to the modern shopping destinations like terminal 21 and emporium shopping mall, look for hotels in Sukhumvit which are located in close proximity to the different malls and tourist attractions in the locality.

If you are staying at one of the modern 5 star hotels in Sukhumvitand are looking for the important attractions in the area, here is a list of must-visit attractions in Sukhumvit.

  1. Visit the BenjasiriPark near the Emporium shopping mall. The park is an oasis amidst the huge buildings and offers the perfect atmosphere to relax after a tiring day. The huge park is also known as the “Queen’s Park” and contains exhibits of Thai sculpture. There are many facilities to play sports in the park or visitors can opt for boating in the lake and enjoy the pleasant scenery.
  2. Thailand’s creative and design centre is located in Sukhumvitand has a library and exhibition place.
  3. Terminal 21 is a modern shopping mall in Sukhumvit. The mall is designed like an airport and is spread over nine storeys. Each floor of the mall is designed to resemble the world’s best shopping streets. Visit the mall to shop for luxury branded goods and designer wear. The mall also has a number of fancy restaurants and food courts.
  4. Sukhumvit has a number of world-class spa and massage centres. Visit them for a relaxing massage. If you are not in mood to go out, most of the hotels in Sukhumvithave their own in-house spa and massage centres.
  5. Tourists can visit the Museum of Thai Pharmacy, or spend family time at Kidzoona, escape hunt and flow rider.
  6. Visitors to Bangkok can stay at the hotels in Sukhumvit and enjoy the most happening nightlife of the area.

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