Christmas is coming in three months and you are thinking of a wonderful gift for your family and friends.  You wait for a sale or you start saving up for the latest gadget you see in the mall.  However, having electronic gadgets as presents for your loved ones does not just end in buying them.  You also need to wrap them and if you are apart from one another, ship them.

In order to make sure that your loved one will get that special gift in one piece, here are some tips which you can do for proper shipment:

  1. Keep the batteries safe.

Know that static electricity build up happens during temperature changes and air pressure in air transits.  If you do not plan to ship the gadget through a shipping company, make sure that you package it in a way that does not expose the battery terminals, and the power buttons are kept from being turned on during the shipment.  There are available packaging and shipping supplies which you can buy nearby or online. Paper Mart shipping supplies, for example, come in different styles that you can use.

  1. Choose the appropriate materials and packaging method.

The idea is to minimize impact as much as possible.  One method which you can use is the double boxing method. To put it simply, this method requires a separate a box aside from the original container or box.  The padding made by the double boxes helps in absorbing bumps or vibrations during trips.  If you live far away from your parents or need to get a train on your way to your gatherings, then you might as well start learning this technique.

Another method is using a bubble wrap, kraft paper, or foam inserts.  Seal the box well with a packaging tape, then cover the box with a bubble wrap, and then double box it.

Some would say, why go through the hassle packing when you can call the experts to do it for you.  It depends on your values, except of course if you are oceans apart; it would still be more special to hand the gift yourself to your loved one.

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