The success of the furniture manufacturer, Naughtone, went back to the time NatWest requested them to develop a contemporary chair with wingback design. The chair called Hush chair was used by NatWest in all of its branches and there started the rise of the Naughtone’s popularity. The company used to be a small-time business not even manufacturers of office furniture in New Zealand have heard about the brand name.

The Hush chair was a hit because of the visual protection as well as acoustic features it offers customers whose top priority is their privacy. NatWest then decided to spread the furniture all over the United Kingdom. Naughtone, on the one hand, decided that it is worth putting in its regular list of furniture.

It was nine years ago but the Hush chair is still one of the best-selling product of the Knaresborough-based company. This is also the same chair used in offices of Amazon, the technology giant.

Matt Welsh, the sales director, said that during that time their business is only very small in scale and the Hush chair is their pivotal product. Every year since then, Amazon has been purchasing thousands of units of the chair from them.

The company was founded in 2005 by two friends, Mark Hammond who is the commercial director and Kieron Bakewell, the design director. Three years after establishment, Mr. Welsh joined them. The company specialized in producing contemporary furniture pieces for office spaces. They are currently the manufacturer of choice by some of the biggest tech companies in the globe such as Google, Facebook and Apple.

The furniture’s designs are created at the headquarters located in Knaresborough while the manufacturing plant is at Elland in West Yorkshire. Technology plays a huge part in the evolution of the office furniture. Traditional furniture used in workstations is no longer compatible with wireless technology.

Two years ago, the manufacturers of office furniture in New Zealand were shocked by the announcement of Naughtone that they sold half of their non-controlling stakes to a giant furniture manufacturer based in the United States, Herman Miller. As of now, the company did not regret their decision as they were able to expand in the United States.

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