Travellers to Thailand prefer to stay at 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit because they are treated like royalty with free access to the swimming pool, fitness centre and secured elevated car park. However, these privileges while appreciated are no longer enough to turn guests into loyal customers. Hotels have to rely on technology in order to elevate their guest experience and simplify hotel operations.

There are different communication technology tools that the hospitality industry can take advantage of like using the mobile device as a door key. The simple hotel room key has certainly evolved from a shaped piece of metal to electronic key cards and data into the guest’s mobile device to open the room. This technology scans the code on the mobile device similar to what airports do with electronic plane tickets.

The type of service provided to guests defines a hotel. Today, guests can choose technology over human interaction. Many hotels are now using remote check-in and check-out through apps. Instead of using the room telephone, guests can order for room service using the app on their mobile phone. This innovation has allowed staff more free time to attend to more pressing business.

A hotel guest will certainly appreciate a connected experience where the mobile phone can be used to control the lights, blinds, television and sound system. A business traveller who does not want to be late for an appointment can request for a wakeup call. He can also connect to dry cleaning to ask whether the suit is ready even if he is across town attending a meeting.

It is not only the door key that has evolved but meeting rooms. It is no longer just about tables and chairs but multimedia presentations and video conferencing for members that were unable to attend. Modern meetings run on advanced technology, not through the traditional boardroom style.

Meanwhile, guests should rest assured that the traditional services are still available at 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit like 24-hour reception and concierge, 24-hour security service, daily housekeeping, 24-hour room service, laundry and dry cleaning, airport transfer and internet station. Best rates are guaranteed if you book through the hotel website.

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