There is a lot of hype nowadays for the latest tech gadgets including traditional PC and TV products that can be used and displayed in cars and smart homes. However, what seem more significant are not the advances in technology but the fundamental changes in target audience. The success of a tech product displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) does not depend on the technology inside but how to engage consumers to experience the new technology in their lifestyle.

The most fundamental foundation of omnichannel is the consumer. Consumers are now in charge which makes it important to research their buying habits and where they prefer to shop. Consumers nowadays shop with their phones and compare prices on items, anywhere, anytime. Gone are the days where retailers can simply add the latest tech gadgets into their display because consumers can conveniently buy the tech gadget online.

Even businesses are now turning to Amazon and Alibaba. What consumers are looking for is the best experience and assistance in buying the tech gadget that is right for them. Consumers also look at the support they can gain after purchasing the latest technology. Consumers want hands on experience with tech gadgets to understand how they work and whether they can live with it on a daily basis.

More than 80% of consumers literally start with their journey online. When a new tech gadget is launched in the market, consumers read tech reviews and consumer reviews in Amazon. Consumers browse statistics and its impact on the success of the tech product in retail.

Based on statistics, at least 90% of Amazon shoppers will not purchase a tech product that has less than 3-star rating. Consumers are no longer satisfied by looking at images and specs online; they want relevant content on how a tech product will be used and how it will fit with their lifestyle.

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