Myth Ago is a website that is dedicated to provide the latest news and information in the world of gadgets and technology.

The world has changed so much from the first time man had discovered fire, had established civilization and utilized electricity. So much had changed but what had truly brought a great impact to the world and to society is the discovery of technology. It has changed everything, from the way we live, think and even feel. Its advances had brought upon several valuable contributions to the world and to the people and up till now, technology is advancing and developing at a rapid pace. In order to help the people keep up with the latest information regarding technology, we have decided to establish Myth Ago.

Myth Ago aims to provide the people with all things hi-tech and gadget related. We believe that forming a network of data connections and information, we can help the people keep up with the latest innovations of the technological world.

Myth Ago will provide you with all the latest news, trends, issues, developments and discoveries around the world regarding technology. Fresh and committed, Myth Ago will bring you information regarding device features, applications and brands. We will update you with the latest software information and new innovations.
We will give you reviews about new released gadgets, applications and many other products that are tech-related. Myth Ago wants to give people the best so we will provide you with many recommendations about the best devices in terms of functionality, quality, appearance and features.

Myth Ago also values the public opinion. We believe in creating a system of networks by sharing and accepting various information. We accept suggestions and new information about the technological world. We are also open to critique and will readily accept and implement changes when needed.

Myth Ago hopes that all the information and content on this website will be of value to you.

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