Technology used in car tyres is evident with the tyre models available in tyre shop on the Gold Coast and it is very different from the wooden wheels with bolted metal bands that used to serve as tyres of the past. In this modern age, technology plays a very important role in manufacturing car tyres used in both sports cars and the average family cars.

The i20 from Hyundai Motorsport decided to go through harsh terrain in the last season of the World Rally Championship where the cars went through snow, sand and gravel. This experience proved to the public that the performance of the tyres and its pressure is essential to ensure that the vehicle will be able to conquer every terrain possible, no matter where it is in the world.

In the field of motorsports, it is common to see vehicles with high performance features. These vehicles are the product of engineering which takes into consideration various factors including aerodynamics, design and engine performance. Let us not forget another key component of a vehicle which is the tyre.

In the regular world of average people going about their daily lives, their tyres are also responsible in leading them to places where they need to go and it could be in a busy street or a rainy terrain. This is when the driver relies heavily on the tyres’ safety, stability and grip.

History records that one of the biggest achievements of mankind is the invention of the wheels but many years has passed since then and it has been reinvented countless of times. The first tyres are wooden wheels with bands made of either metal or leather. These are used in carts and wagons. These days, we have various tyres as a result of technology and it includes tyres filled with air and tyres operating on pneumatic pressure. It can be made of a combination of materials such as wires and synthetic rubbers.

Car owners have more options nowadays as they enter a tyre shop on the Gold Coast with tyres ranging from the most basic to the most advanced. Each one with different features suited for specific vehicles and applications.

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