Technology Over Human Interaction In The Hospitality Industry

Travellers to Thailand prefer to stay at 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit because they are treated like royalty with free access to the swimming pool, fitness centre and secured elevated car park. However, these privileges while appreciated are no longer enough to turn guests into loyal customers. Hotels have to rely on technology in order to elevate their guest experience and simplify hotel operations.

There are different communication technology tools that the hospitality industry can take advantage of like using the mobile device as a door key. The simple hotel room key has certainly evolved from a shaped piece of metal to electronic key cards and data into the guest’s mobile device to open the room. This technology scans the code on the mobile device similar to what airports do with electronic plane tickets.

The type of service provided to guests defines a hotel. Today, guests can choose technology over human interaction. Many hotels are now using remote check-in and check-out through apps. Instead of using the room telephone, guests can order for room service using the app on their mobile phone. This innovation has allowed staff more free time to attend to more pressing business.

A hotel guest will certainly appreciate a connected experience where the mobile phone can be used to control the lights, blinds, television and sound system. A business traveller who does not want to be late for an appointment can request for a wakeup call. He can also connect to dry cleaning to ask whether the suit is ready even if he is across town attending a meeting.

It is not only the door key that has evolved but meeting rooms. It is no longer just about tables and chairs but multimedia presentations and video conferencing for members that were unable to attend. Modern meetings run on advanced technology, not through the traditional boardroom style.

Meanwhile, guests should rest assured that the traditional services are still available at 5 star hotel in Sukhumvit like 24-hour reception and concierge, 24-hour security service, daily housekeeping, 24-hour room service, laundry and dry cleaning, airport transfer and internet station. Best rates are guaranteed if you book through the hotel website.

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Construction Industry And The Applications Of Technology

Many industries have been conquered by technology and it is not surprising that the construction industry is already starting to utilize these technologies. These technologies are impact many areas of the sector that roofing specialists in Sydney cannot deny the impact it has made in their work and the projects they tackle.

For those who are working in the office under the construction industry, technology has benefited them in a way that they don’t have to worry about endless paper works anymore. There are new tools that are used by companies such as applications that ensure data are always in order and there is simultaneous sharing of information from the office to the job sites and vice versa. There is an application called Safety Meeting that is recommended if the safety record of the company needs to be monitored carefully.

Trucks are common in the construction industry but many companies are struggling to find drivers that are willing to take on the job as it requires long hours. Thanks to technology, vehicles are now getting smarter. There are companies that employ trucks with autonomous features which means only one driver is required to monitor many vehicles at a single time in a remote location. It helps reduce delays as well as lessen the fuel consumers compared to trucks driven by humans.

Manufacturing of materials used in the construction industry is no longer the same because of the innovation in 3D printing and carbon fiber printing. The carbon fiber material companies the honeycomb shape because of its stability and it has been employed in a number of projects such as wind turbine blades. Companies are also getting more conscious when it comes to using raw materials therefore they recycle whenever possible.

There are companies that send their workers to the jobsite while the monitoring is done at the office in order to maximize production. For instance, a company owner with a team of roofing specialists in Sydney does not have to go along to the project site because monitoring can be done remotely. There are companies that employ drones in order to monitor the progress and the footage is automatically sent to the office or to the client.

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Government Revolution Through Digitalization

We are at an age wherein we have already realized the importance of technology in our daily lives. In fact, the government from the local to the federal level is using technology in order to make the lives of the citizens better. Government processes are now mostly automated, for instance when you get an EIN in Washington, and Internet of things has been applied in various ways to improve the cities. What are the latest technologies used by the government?

  • Cities are now interconnected with the help of IoT. It is now easier to collect information and data because of sensors equipped in vehicles, the cameras installed in the roads and the presence of street lights. IoT is employed by utility companies in smart meters in order to conserve energy and it is also found in road sensors to gather information regarding traffic patterns.
  • Governments have now realized the importance of automation. Previously, organizations tend to follow the 80/20 rule when budgeting. The 80 per cent is intended for operation while only 20 per cent is allocation to innovation. Upon realizing its benefit, governments now make use of chat bots and artificial intelligence. Social services now use automation in their call centers and even the Office of Science and Technology in the White House is studying more about AI and its implementation in the law enforcement.
  • One of the biggest enemies of the present governments is cyber attack. This is why more efforts are dedicated into securing the data of the citizens and even infrastructure. It is now a priority to secure and protect the information stored online because a large percentage of the citizens are now connected to the cloud.
  • Better mobility is on the top of the list of the government because it is expected that 70 per cent of the workforce within the United States are going to be mobile when 2020 comes. This means that they should be able to access government services wherever they are. Individuals and businesses must be able to get an EIN in Washington through developing a process that is more convenient and can be accomplished online wherever they are.

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Brief Geography Histories To Know Before Going For Some Vacations In South America

South America is a continent of know endings. The world largest river is found in South America. (The Amazon) Most of the travellers are interested in visiting the river during their South America tours with their kids. The driest place in the world is also found in South America (the Atacama Desert).

Division of South America into three physical regions

During one of my South America tours with my kids, I read some history books which made me realize that the continent is divided into 3 regions namely mountains and Highlands, river basins, and coastal plains. In the north-south direction, mountains and coastal plains are well known. While in the east-west side, highlands and river basins are found.

Mountains and Highlands: Here, we have the major mountain system called “the Andes” it is also the world’s longest mountain. Some set of groups do visit there for mountain climbing during their South America tours. It extremely covers about 8,850 kilometers (5,500 miles). Located on the western edge of the beautiful continent, more so, the Andes Mountain stretches from the tip of the south to the northern part of South America.

River basins: In some part of South America, we can locate The Amazon River basin. It consists an approximately area of 2.7million square miles which definitely makes this watershed thelargest in the world presently, during one of my South America tours, I managed to visit the basin. It was as beautiful as you can imagine.

Coastal Plains: this area in the part of South America is low, flat and next to seacoast. These coastal plains are seen in Brazil (Northeastern part), on the Atlantic Ocean. And also Pacific coast of Chile and Peru (western part) Brazil has a total dryness.


This is brief history that is important to know before going on different South America tours with your family. It will help you to realize the locations and places you want to visit without having much stress.

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Electricians In Demand In High-Tech Jobs

Technology has come a long way and it has become a big part of our daily lives whether personal or at the workplace. Along with technology, electrical trade is also growing with innovation and electricians Greensborough are witnesses to these developments. Electricians are now faces with stronger demands, complicated integrations and difficult systems such as high-tech installations as well as smart home technology. They are faced with new challenges that come with these advanced systems but these are essential in order for them to grow in the electrical field.

Electricians are reportedly happy with the challenges they have to deal with when it comes to complex systems as well as installations that are high-tech. In a survey conducted by Klein Tools in 2016, 42 per cent of participating electricians love to receive jobs that handle high-tech installations. The number is higher compared to 31 per cent in the previous year.

The increase is expected coming from the new generation of electricians and apprentices who have grown up with technology. These young individuals are more incline to tackle careers that deal with technology which they have becomes accustomed as part of their daily lives. They believe that the electrical industry is a good training ground for them to learn and experience more and expects that the future is going to have more in store for them.

Training programs are now keeping up with the latest technology in the electrical field having seen a lot of interest coming from young electricians as well as apprentices. These skills are now required in order for them to handle installations equipped with high technology. Klein Tools is among the many training grounds that offer these programs to apprenticeship. To date, the company has invested more than $2 million to fund tools and technologies.

High-tech installations are not only limited to the interest of younger generations but experienced electricians are also trying their hand to learn these advanced systems. Even those who have been working a long time as electricians Greensborough admitted that they want to learn more about high-tech installations to cater to clients’ need.

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Tips To Design An E-Commerce Website For Your AFL Store

With the increasing demand for e-commerce, having an online store has become essential aspect for businesses. In order to attract customers and to stand ahead of the competition, it is essential to create a good e-commerce website that is easy to navigate and is engaging to the consumers. Here is a list of some important factors to keep in mind while designing an online store.

  1. The online AFL store should have a responsive design. The present generation of consumers’ prefer to search for the products and services on their mobile and tablet screens instead of desktops and laptops. The online store should be able to adapt effectively to the smaller screens of mobiles and laptops. The website should have easy navigation and good readability. To have a profitable e-commerce store to sell AFL merchandise, concentrate on building a modern and responsive website.
  2. Choose a latest design trend for your AFL store online. The trends in website designs change rapidly, select a design that looks modern and always in style. Use appropriate fonts that enhance the readability and make the website look sleek and attractive. Proper use of images and videos also helps to enhance the user experience. Use high definition pictures of the products with the correct size to aspect ratio. Blurred and tiny images make the viewers disinterested and make them leave your website. Always use original images of the products instead of opting for stock images. A well-designed website is essential to keep the viewers engaged and reduce the bounce rate.
  3. Pay close attention to the content of your website. The website should provide all the information regarding the products and services of the company. The website should have up-to-date information about the different products. Lack of required information will result in higher bounce rate on your website and make you lose out in competition. Customers might visit your AFL store website but without proper information they will not be able to buy the products.
  4. Increase the engagement of the viewers to your AFL store website by designing UX to provide great shopping experience. You should pay great attention to detail while designing the product and checkout pages of the website.
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List Of Tourist Attractions In Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit is the cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Bangkok. The locality is brimming with high-end restaurants, shopping malls and commercial centres. The area is also home to some of the best luxury hotels in Bangkok. Sukhumvit is the preferred neighbourhood to book your hotel, if you want a luxury holiday in the most happening part of the city.

If you are visiting Thailand for the first time and want to stay in the most happening part of the city, close to the modern shopping destinations like terminal 21 and emporium shopping mall, look for hotels in Sukhumvit which are located in close proximity to the different malls and tourist attractions in the locality.

If you are staying at one of the modern 5 star hotels in Sukhumvitand are looking for the important attractions in the area, here is a list of must-visit attractions in Sukhumvit.

  1. Visit the BenjasiriPark near the Emporium shopping mall. The park is an oasis amidst the huge buildings and offers the perfect atmosphere to relax after a tiring day. The huge park is also known as the “Queen’s Park” and contains exhibits of Thai sculpture. There are many facilities to play sports in the park or visitors can opt for boating in the lake and enjoy the pleasant scenery.
  2. Thailand’s creative and design centre is located in Sukhumvitand has a library and exhibition place.
  3. Terminal 21 is a modern shopping mall in Sukhumvit. The mall is designed like an airport and is spread over nine storeys. Each floor of the mall is designed to resemble the world’s best shopping streets. Visit the mall to shop for luxury branded goods and designer wear. The mall also has a number of fancy restaurants and food courts.
  4. Sukhumvit has a number of world-class spa and massage centres. Visit them for a relaxing massage. If you are not in mood to go out, most of the hotels in Sukhumvithave their own in-house spa and massage centres.
  5. Tourists can visit the Museum of Thai Pharmacy, or spend family time at Kidzoona, escape hunt and flow rider.
  6. Visitors to Bangkok can stay at the hotels in Sukhumvit and enjoy the most happening nightlife of the area.

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